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Recent work: NYT cover, Foursquare, World Cup blogs, TwiTrips, and very long train journeys

Yes, I know. Things have been a little lax around here recently. There’s a perfectly good explanation for this, I assure you. First, there was the World Cup. And then there’s something top secret I’m working on, more on which soon, hopefully. Anyway, here’s some things I’ve been up to:

• A video series for the Guardian, from London to Istanbul by train.

• A cover story for the NYT on and other new social accommodation networks.

• A piece for the Guardian on why Foursquare is the traveller’s new best friend.

• A piece for the Guardian rounding up various World Cup-related blogs

• A piece for the Guardian, on how and where to ‘wild camp’ in Europe

• Two more TwiTrips for the Guardian, to Leeds and to Oxford, where the two chaps pictured above were waiting for me at the station.

• And finally, a while back I wrote a profile for the NYT Goal blog on the Ivorian footballer, Gervinho.


NYT cover story: Europe Without Hotels

This weekend my piece on and other new social accommodation websites, Europe Without Hotels,  was on the front cover of the NYT Travel section, and was also the most emailed story in the NYT over the entire weekend. Which is very nice indeed.

Below is a video I made for the trip, shot on my iPhone in my Paris pad, owned by a 26-year old Parisian chef, Julien Szeps.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Recent work

A little update on my recent bits and bobs.

For the Guardian:
• A TwiTrip to Leeds, fuelled by live tips from Twitter, which went very well indeed. I ended up at the fantastic Brudenell Social Club, where I happened upon one of the finest mohawks I can recall [pictured above].
• A blog on virtual travel, inspired by the wonderful interactive Trans-Siberian Railway map produced by Google and Russian Railways.

For the New York Times:
• A post for the NYT Goal blog on David Beckham adorning the anti-Glazer green and gold scarf at the end of Manchester United and AC Milan’s Champions League replay. Since then, poor old Dave got himself crocked. A shame.

For A New Direction
• I taught some fantastic kids from Stoke Newington School how to blog.

Recent work

Here are some things I’ve been up to recently:

For the New York Times:
• A Check In, Check Out review of the Kensington Hotel [Pictured above]
• A Goal Blog piece on UEFA allowing politics to influence the Euro 2012 draw
• Another Goal Blog piece on signature moves in football

For the Guardian:
• A news piece on the National Trust taking Google Street View off-road
• A round-up of Latin dance holidays
• A tip on the glorious Blackpool Tower Ballroom for a Valentine’s special
• A map of Venetian Bacari
• Maps for a selection of road trips in Europe and the British Isles
• A map for Le Cool editor Chloe McCloskey’s alternative guide to Seattle

Beyond the feature: Caribbean camping for the NYT

This weekend I had a spread in the New York Times Travel section on camping on the Caribbean island of St John. The article focuses on the Maho Bay Campground, a truly special place that, as things stand, could disappear in 2012 when their lease expires. Their only hope lies in the Trust for Public Land, a non-profit conservancy that could purchase the land on Maho’s behalf.  Read more about their campaign here.

The NYT also ran a slideshow on the island, as snapped by NYT photographer Steve Simonsen. Steve is a truly multi-faceted chap, dividing his time between travel photography and being Stoke City’s reserve goalkeeper.

A little extra
Anyway, here is a funny little story from the island, that didn’t end up in the piece. It features the father of the atomic bomb, an Orthodox Jewish sect, and footballing policemen.
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Recent work

listentoafrica© 2009 Listen to Africa
I’m currently working on some exciting videos and long articles, more on which soon. In the meantime, here’s some smaller, but equally exciting thingies I’ve done:

• I chose Listen to Africa as the Guardian’s Travel Blog of the Month. It is a truly fantastic blog, involving two Brits’ journey across Africa by bicycle, recording audio, taking images, and tweeting as they go. The image above is from their Maghreb in Monochrome gallery. See my other Blog of the Month picks here.

• I wrote a piece about the four obscure new entrants in this year’s Champions Leage for the New York Times Goal blog, which was also printed in the Sunday sports section last week.

• I did a little piece for the Guardian on the Vendys – New York’s annual street food competition.

Adebayor is not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy

I wrote another post for the New York Times’ Goal blog. This one’s on Emmanuel Adebayor and his terribly naughty antics over the weekend. I seem to be making a habit of reinforcing stereotypes of English football as a loutish world of fists and hoo-hah. Sorry about that.