How to survive the nibblers

Piranhas. Image: Chandra Marsono on Flickr/Some rights reserved


Brilliant blog by Stijn Debrouwere on “the mess the news industry is in.” The thrust? Journalism is being eaten away by a sea of nibbling sites and services. Read it. The “how to survive” bit is on the money, too:

• Amp up storytelling and personality, because those things are irreplaceable. This American Life, for instance, or The Awl.

• Acknowledge that you provide less value than you used to, downsize and capitalize on scale. What national newspapers are doing, albeit unwittingly.

• Join the revolution. Adrian Holovaty comes from journalism, but EveryBlock isn’t journalism.

• People read because they’re bored. Un-bore them, like Gawker does.

• Write to people’s passion, and they will gobble up just about anything. MacRumors and many other niche sites do this.

• Do stuff that does still matter. People are happy to support ProPublica and the Texas Tribune.

Hat tip to Jay Rosen for the link.

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