Monthly Archives: February 2012

Anonymous URLs … do you care?

In the age of twitter, URL shorteners (like,, etc) have proliferated. I’ve often wondered whether this is impacting the breadth of what people are reading on the web. Historically, a passionate anti-Guardian punter might refuse to click on a Guardian link they came across it, or a liberal chin-stroker would be worried about what their colleague think if they were caught browsing the Sun or the Daily Mail. But often these days we don’t know where we’re going. Yup, many sites now have their own bespoke short URLs (, huff.po, etc), but most don’t. I’m fascinated to know if you care. Thanks.

• Here’s another thing I wrote on media loyalty in the internet age. I’m not sure I agree with myself anymore, but there you go.

Street View art: 9 Eyes

A truly wonderful selection of Street Views from Google Maps.

Tokyo city guide for the Guardian

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I did lots of meddling for the Guardian’s Tokyo city guide. I’m very proud of it.

Nieman Labs, The Next Web and Mashable all ran stories on it. This made my tummy tingle a bit. How sad.