Does technology destroy jobs rather than create them?

Very thought provoking TechCrunch piece by Jon Evans, tying together the latest tech boom and recent employment crises, What If This Is No Accident? What If This Is The Future?. He digs out a few choice quotes:

“First we automated menial jobs, now we’re automating middle-class jobs. Unfortunately, we still demand that people have a job soon after becoming adults. This trend is going to be a big problem…” Simon Law

“We have hit an inflection point at which technology destroys jobs faster than it creates them” Martin Ford

One response to “Does technology destroy jobs rather than create them?

  1. Interesting stuff… this is the comment I just left on the TechCrunch piece:

    I think this is an interesting post, but the analysis is a bit too simplistic. Technological development is only one part of the economic story of the past 20 years; ineffective global regulatory frameworks have a lot to do with the inequality the world faces. Better regulated capitalism in conjunction with continued rapid technology evolution could be really powerful.

    Check out Jeremy Rifkin and his ideas about a ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ – this is an important alternative view in which technology helps unlock a whole new economic system as opposed to polarising the existing one. Take these ideas in conjunction with ‘collaborative consumption’ – – and the vision becomes quite compelling.

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