Monthly Archives: November 2011

Are iPads “a novocaine drip to the wrist…”?

I posted a link to Microsoft’s Vision of the Future recently, not sure whether it was wanky or cool. Well, according to Bret Victor, it’s neither. Rather, it’s unimaginative, and counterintuitive. Here’s A Brief Rant on the Future of Interactive Design.

“Pictures Under Glass is an interaction paradigm of permanent numbness. It’s a Novocaine drip to the wrist. It denies our hands what they do best. And yet, it’s the star player in every Vision Of The Future.” link

Does technology destroy jobs rather than create them?

Very thought provoking TechCrunch piece by Jon Evans, tying together the latest tech boom and recent employment crises, What If This Is No Accident? What If This Is The Future?. He digs out a few choice quotes:

“First we automated menial jobs, now we’re automating middle-class jobs. Unfortunately, we still demand that people have a job soon after becoming adults. This trend is going to be a big problem…” Simon Law

“We have hit an inflection point at which technology destroys jobs faster than it creates them” Martin Ford

What is “proper journalism”?

  1. @benjilanyado Hi Benji I’ve got a presentation to do wondered if I could possibly get your definition of ‘proper’ journalism? Cheers
  2. @matty_hill No such thing. A horrible phrase. 15,000 word feature in the FT = journalism. Single tweet from Joe Public also = journalism.
  3. @matty_hill The definition is often superimposed by people who don’t get the modern landscape. Makes it easier for them to (not) understand.