Chievo – Sampdoria fix?


As noted by @AlexWPoker on last week’s post on the possibly pre-ordained 1-1 draw between Padova and Atalanta, there have been some very odd odds available on today’s game between Chievo and Sampdoria in Serie A. A huge amount of money has been staked on the draw, with the price currently at a ridiculous 1.6.

@Bet72 sent me this interesting screengrab on the distribution of betting on the games, noting that by Thursday, £339K had already been placed on the draw. To put this into perspective, the West Ham – Man Utd game yesterday had just £2.8K matched at the same time.

There’s even been some pickup in the mainstream press on this one, with Goal reporting that a large number of bookmakers have suspended betting on the game, and the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast discussing the issue on Thursday.

Let’s see what happens…

UPDATE: 6.30 pm

Well waddayaknow. A draw. Two weeks in a row, distinctively dodgy stuff in Italian football. See you next week, probably….

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