A new site I’m working on, with Daniel Bower, Lawrence Brown, and Rik Lomas. Kerouapp‘s holding page is up now … the launch is coming soon.

5 responses to “Kerouapp

  1. Looks cool, looking forward to getting an invite and checking it out. Have you seen ? Might be useful/related…

  2. Mentaway looks interesting… still the best Foursquare tool, for my money, is WeePlaces

  3. Thanks for pointing me towards WeePlaces. The thing I think is lacking is a tool that uses Foursquare, or other location services, specifically for long-distance (particularly overland) journeys. I’d like to see a neat tool for bloggers/people who want to let their friends track their trip and their current location without all check-ins being a case of manually adding a point to a Googlemap.

    The closest thing I’ve seen to that is Where in the World is James. Your London-Budapest Guardian trip used Googlemaps nicely (though I guess you didn’t really automated check-ins for the amount of content that was produced).

    I thought Mentaway might address this gap in the market, but being solely within Facebook restricts it.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing where Kerouapp fits into all this.

  4. Well, hopefully Kerouapp fits right in the middle! Cheers for comments Jamie…stay tuned.

  5. I’m going to be cycling Land’s End – John o’Groats in June and would love to use Kerouapp to track it! Looking forward to getting an invite…

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