Tourism and revolutions

Image: sierragoddess / some rights reserved

Fascinating post from Matthew Teller on the complexities of tourism in the Middle East during recent upheavals. Taps into one of the longest-running debates in travel – one I’ve touched on before – over whether or not tourists should visit countries that are in the midst of political chaos, or in the grip of reprehensible leaders. Teller’s line is generally damning.

Globally, tourism is dangerously close to getting too big for its boots. It seems to enjoy being last out – only halting altogether under extreme duress – and, above all, being first back in, even while the last stones are being placed on fresh graves. That’s topsy-turvy. When people are trying to grasp political power previously denied to them, holidays become unimportant. They should stop. We should stop them. Read full post

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