Old school football players. Help!

There’s a viral email going around with a spreadsheet game asking you to name 100 bygone footballers from the 80s/90s/00s. I’ve got 84 of them (with a little help). Please, please help me with the rest, pictured above. Otherwise, I’ll cry.

If you want to download the original game, with all 100 images, click here.

All credit goes to a man by the name of John Mills.

*Spoiler alert* Don’t read the comments below if you are playing the game.

15 responses to “Old school football players. Help!

  1. Top Right: Roger Johnson
    Leftmost Second Row: Martin Grainger
    Third Row Second left: Tommy Johnson
    Bottom Row Leftmost: Nigel Spink
    Bottom Row Rightmost: Stephen Froggatt

  2. From @huddohudson: Villa player is Tommy Johnson. Bottom right is Steven Froggatt.Top left is Neil Redfearn.

    From @thehippriest: Man Utd one is Ben Thornley

  3. 2nd row and third along is Lee Trundle

  4. Fulham one in the mask is Facundo Sava

  5. Also, the bobble head might be Malcolm Christie

  6. Top row, third – Noel Whelan?
    Third row, third – Ricky Otto?

  7. Definitely Ben Thornley and Kenny Cunningham

    Middlesbrough one bottom row: Doriva, or Nigel Pearson?

    Man with the masc: Facundo Sava

  8. boro one at bottom is defo festa

  9. Almost there! Now only need the Birmingham skinhead, the dreadlocks guy, and the Norwich player. Will post full list in a min.

  10. Everton player is Brett Angell.

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  12. Completed!

    top row: Neil Redfearn, Brett Angel, Sean Flynn, Kenny Kuninngham

    2nd row: Paul Devlin, Facundo Sava, Lee Trundle, Malcolm Christie

    3rd row: Ben Thornley, Tommy Johnson, Ricky Otto, Igor Balis

    Bottom row: Nigel Spink, John de Wolf, Gianluca Festa, Steve Froggatt


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