Vanity Fair on Assange & The Guardian

Image: LuisCarlos Díaz / Some rights reserved

Fantastic piece in Vanity Fair on the behind-the-scenes relationships between Julian Assange, the Guardian, the New York Times, and the various players involved in the recent WikiLeaks revelations. An extract:

[Assange and Guardian journalist Nick Davies] laid plans to set up a research bunker in The Guardian’s offices. They agreed that they wouldn’t talk about the project on cell phones. They agreed that, in two days, Assange would send Davies an e-mail with the address of a Web site that hadn’t previously existed, and that would exist for only an hour or two. Assange took a paper napkin with the hotel’s name and logo and circled various words. At the top he wrote, “no spaces.” By linking the words together, Davies had his password. Full story

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