NYT cover story: Europe Without Hotels

This weekend my piece on AirBnB.com and other new social accommodation websites, Europe Without Hotels,  was on the front cover of the NYT Travel section, and was also the most emailed story in the NYT over the entire weekend. Which is very nice indeed.

Below is a video I made for the trip, shot on my iPhone in my Paris pad, owned by a 26-year old Parisian chef, Julien Szeps.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 responses to “NYT cover story: Europe Without Hotels

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  2. I love to travel and to read about travel, but I had only heard of one of the social accomodation sites in your article.

    Have you heard of the accomodation site called Tripping (http://www.tripping.com)? I’m a big fan. It’s free, and they have really cool members.

    I love the video of the Paris apartment. I lived in Paris for a few months, and I am dying to go back! Last time I was there, I stayed in a hotel; but next time it’s going to be different.

    Thanks for the great article! I’m a new fan of yours (friend e-mailed me your article).

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