Morocco on my mobile: Shops

Some images from my recent trip to Morocco, taken on my phone. Yup, that phone. Increasingly I’m finding that when I go away, a phone is all I need for writing, researching, taking photographs, recording audio, and even rough video. More to follow tomorrow.

A roadside butchers on the way from Fez to Chefchaouen.

A record store owner in Fez.

Powdered wool dye in the Marrakesh medina.

A clock fixer in Fez

Dyed chicks in Fez.

Pickles in Fez.

Mutton in Marrakesh.

A basketmaker in Chefchaouen

Offal in Essaouira.

3 responses to “Morocco on my mobile: Shops

  1. Some amazingly good shots! Impressed with your phone!

  2. Wow ,amazing photography!I cant wrap my brain around the fact you took these with a phone.

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