The Special One

What an incredible shot, by Alessandro Garofalo for Reuters.

One response to “The Special One

  1. I read with interest your article in the NY Times entitled “Europe without hotels.” While the advantages for a traveler of owners or lease holders renting out their apartments by the night are obvious, it is illegal in Paris, for a fundamental reason. This encourages people able to afford it to transform a city that ought to thrive primarily through its own residents into a tourist experience akin to Disneyland, albeit for adults. It is very hard for people who actually work, go to school or have family in Paris to find apartments to rent or buy, primarily because of the black market of locals and foreigners buying a so-called “pied-a-terre,” for the vast majority in reality an investment opportunity. The Paris city council is – thankfully – in fact cracking down on such practices. You need a licence to rent out your apartment; it is not an innocuous activity but an economic one which, like most, requires some form of regulation.

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