Recent Foursquare checkins

Yup, I’m a Foursquare fan. Above is a simple Google Map of my recent checkins – using the KML file from my feeds page simply pasted into a Gmaps search bar. To be honest, this map should look better… I want direct links through to the venue pages on Foursquare, but this will have to do for now. NB the Foursquare API is still relatively unexploited – expect a lot more to come.

For a little backstory on the concept – one I’m fairly excited about – read this piece in the NYT, and see how it had already collaborated with the Canadian Metro, Zagat, and the NYT.

One response to “Recent Foursquare checkins

  1. I also love foursquare we will be launching a new web site to allow ordering of stickers online. I like the code snippet above would you be interested in sharing. I have a few ideas to enhance what you have done.

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