Blogging the Vancouver Paralympics

Joe, Jake, Renaye and Kim are amazed as Claudia pulls off a triple-pirouette on the ice

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting six kids from Stoke Newington School. They had been chosen to visit the Vancouver Paralympics, to cover the event as budding journalists. I taught them how to blog using WordPress; integrating images, audio and video. They took to it incredibly quickly.

It’s fascinating to see how easily the yoof of today get their heads around relatively complicated online software. My mother, for example, has a PhD and has published various books, yet struggles to understand the difference between a ‘click’ and a ‘double-click’. And these kids, aged 15-16, learnt how to blog in less than two hours. That said, this was a particularly bright and enthusiastic assortment of kids – ones to watch, certainly. I left the school that day feeling incredibly positive about the future of self-publication.

You can keep up to date with all their stuff on the microsite at A New Direction. And to tune in to their individual blogs, click below:

Claudia’s blog
Jake’s blog
Joe’s blog
Kimberly’s blog
Renaye’s blog

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