My failed bid for West Ham

Last Friday, in the midst of great confusion surrounding the imminent takeover of West Ham, I decided to enter the race.

Yesterday, a source close to Straumur, the beleaguered bank who owned West Ham, admitted to the Guardian that I had in fact been the only other bidder in competition with David Sullivan and David Gold – although a few quid got lost in the exchange:

After ensuring it had won itself a job lot of positive publicity Intermarket Group’s bid for West Ham United foundered over a lack of funds, just as this column said it would in October. Tony Fernandes, too, could not on his own raise the cash required for a purchase so it meant Straumur was left with only two bids that contained verifiable proof of funding. David Gold and David Sullivan won the day with their injection of £30m-£35m of new money yesterday. The only other bid was submitted by an enterprising fan offering a grand total of £351. But at least he provided bank details to show the money was really there. [Guardian]

Apparently West Ham chairman and Straumur director Andrew Bernhardt didn’t see the funny side, and refused to process the bid.

Either way, I’m slightly gutted that my first ever takeover bid didn’t get off the ground. That said, only 50% of the club was sold. If at first you don’t succeed….

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