Keeping Austin weird (and other recent work)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Austin is a truly special place. It is quite possibly the friendliest place I have ever visited – while filming sections of the video in Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, I had to leave my girlfriend to fend for herself as I shoved my camera into various faces. Within half an hour she had been adopted by a southern mama, was being regaled with tips about the city, and was even bought a bingo ticket by a well-wishing local. Also, I have never been called ‘darling’ as much as I was in Austin. Outside of New York, it was my undisputed highlight during three months in America. Here’s a map of the places featured in the film:

And here are some other things I’ve been up to recently:

• In other Video Breaks for the Guardian, I went ghost-hunting in Philadelphia, and was taken on a nightlife tour of Baltimore by the Baltimore Sun’s nightlife editor, Sam Sessa.

• I compiled a 2010 travel hotlist for the Guardian and Observer, collating a variety of expert advice from travel gurus.

• During some in-house work for the Observer, I put together a couple of news pieces about chain hotels going undercover as ‘independents‘, and the interestingly-timed Vdara hotel launch in Vegas.

• I also put together a selection of New Years Eve ideas for romantics and ravers for the Observer, and helped compile a list of festive events throughout the UK.

One response to “Keeping Austin weird (and other recent work)

  1. I liked the Las Vegas video – interesting and informative. But your face is in it tooo much! Who wants to look at you so much – especially in a travel vid. Do something about that big ego Benji – you’re spoiling things.

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