11 images of New York

For the last month I’ve been living in New York. It is an excellent place. Here’s 11 images I’ve taken on my mobile phone since I’ve been here. (**Map fans: scroll to the bottom**)

M’lady and I have a tiny little apartment on the 6th floor of a Chinatown building. Chinatown is a fascinating place. Staring at a Chinatown street is a two-fold experience: look horizontally and the first storeys look copied and pasted from Beijing, with Chinese lettering plastered across shops and stalls; look up and see soaring New York tenenment architecture. Two cultures for the price of one.

A ground floor shot of locals playing a board game on East Broadway. Anyone know the game?

New York rarely gets any credit as a budget destination…but, in my experiece, there are more free events in this city than any other city I’ve visited. Here’s a Guardian piece I wrote about Free NYC last year. Over the summer, free films are screened in Midtown’s Bryant Park – this is an image of the crowd watching the cartoon before Close Encounters of the Third Kind came on.

Some idiot let me into the New York Times building. Here’s the 14th floor cafeteria. The view aint bad.

Speed chess in Washington Square Park. I’ve never thought of chess as a spectator sport until I saw this game. The chap on the left won with a swift counterattack, as onlookers whooped and heckled.

The sun setting over the Jelly pool party on the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn. Manhattan smouldering in the background. It turned out to be a much discussed event, as Jay-Z and Beyonce turned up to watch Grizzly Bear play.

Gorging at Kum Gang San in Koreatown. I didn’t even know New York had a Koreatown. Some of the best beef I have ever tasted.

In the last few weeks of August, New York was sweltering. Somebody on Prince Street unleashed a fire hydrant. It made a rainbow. Aaaaaw.

When New York does a pool hall it does it properly. This is the gargantuan Soho Billiards centre. An excellent way to start an evening.

I’ve never been much of a cocktails man, but Apotheke might yet convert me. The former brothel is found behind an unmarked door on a Chinatown road once known as ‘blood alley’ becuase of the fights between rival Chinese gangs that were once staged there. Everything is dim lit inside, with antique furniture and steel-pressed moulded ceilings. All the liccor is stored in old medicine bottles, and the ‘mixologists’ show off behind the bar dressed in lab coats. An excellent way to end an evening. If not only becuase the long-poured spirits knock the crap out of you.

The missing link. Pasta on pizza. Pasta on pizza. Actual pizza, with pasta as a topping. Courtesy of Vinnie’s, on Bedfrod Avenue in Brooklyn. God bless America.

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6 responses to “11 images of New York

  1. what a great post. Damn, I wish I were there!

  2. Who knew NYC had a Koreatown? I’ll be hitting that up on my next visit. Love the Prince Street rainbow photo – such a classic description of a sweltering day.

  3. Love the pic inside Apotheke!

  4. Nice post of places, people and things to do in the Big Apple. Use of 11 is well noted.

  5. Proud New Yorker here! I hope you enjoyed your month in the Big Apple. I love the analogy you made about Chinatown & Beijing. It does look like the hutongs were brought to NYC. 🙂

  6. I love your picture of Brooklyn Bridge at night with the New York skyline in the background. I would love a large poster of it. Is that possible?
    Kind regards


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