Man flaunts US-Cuba travel ban, fails to get arrested. I get confused.

Today I was alerted (by World Hum) to a fascinating story about a US citizen who is trying his hardest to get arrested for his flagrant breaches of the US-Cuba travel embargo:

Mytchell Mora, a 39-year-old freelance entertainment news producer, said he told U.S. customs officials he broke the law after flying through Costa Rica home to Los Angeles early Friday….Mora is trying to make a point, hoping to get arrested or cited after his fourth trip to Cuba so he could challenge the country’s travel ban, which he says discriminates against anyone who isn’t Cuban-American and punishes Cuba’s people, not its government… Mora said he hopes he may still be cited so he can challenge the policy in U.S. courts. [AP]

I started writing a post about how fantastic I thought this was.

Then I got pre-occupied with politics, and thinking that maybe – just maybe – strangling a cruddy government is good for its people in the long run, however crap it is in the short run. Perhaps the ends justify the means.

Then I thought that surely visiting other countries should never be banned, because cultural exchange makes the world better. And surely a country can learn just as much from its visitors as its visitors can learn from tourists. And therefore, in a horrible way, an oppressed people can realise how much they don’t have. Perhaps this will make them angry. And rebellious. A good thing.

Then I thought that actually tourist cash can inadvertantly reinforce a rotten status quo, by making people happier (richer)  and less likely to rebel.

Then I thought that it doesn’t matter if tourist cash makes opressed people more likely to accept the status quo because, in many cases, there’s nothing they can do, so they might as well be happy.  And it is desperately unfair for a people to be deprived of food or medicine becuase of a shitty governenment.

But then I thought that hungry and ill people are more likely to overthrow a government.

Then I decided to stop writing.  That is all.

3 responses to “Man flaunts US-Cuba travel ban, fails to get arrested. I get confused.

  1. This is great. And sounds a little too familiar to me!

  2. Nice one! But I think as long as people are not starving they are less likely to overthrough a government…

  3. it really depends on a country’s history too

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