Freelancer pushed, editor queries the market, Big Blog makes move?

Paul Carr, a popular tech writer, has had his column axed by the Guardian. This was announced, of course, via tweet:

Picture 127

The Twitterverse is suprised, and a little upset.

Guardian Technology editor queries the market:

Picture 129

There. He’s said it. The freemium model is broken (Murdoch would say “malfunctioning”). We can’t afford the freelancer, so how much would you pay for him?

Picture 131

“paid-for bundle”, eh? My, this is happening quickly.

Meanwhile, has Big Blog already made a pitch for the freelancer?

Picture 128

Probably not… Paul Carr’s lastest (now final) column was laying into London’s startup scene, something the above blog editor is rather in to.

***UPDATE 21/07:  Oh look, Carr did indeed join TechCrunch. Perhaps Arrington is deliberately cashing in on the Guardian’s losses – they haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye recently. Also see here, here, here, here….***

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One response to “Freelancer pushed, editor queries the market, Big Blog makes move?

  1. Fantastic news! Although I’ve never been a fan of TechCrunch I’ve always liked many of the columnists at The Guardian and this may be a firm reason for me to start reading more of their stuff. They’ve nabbed themselves a fine writer.

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