Le Cool in Lisbon, and Simonseeks

Two bits of Benj on the Guardian today…

A video of Le Cool taking me around Lisbon.  And a map too.  If you don’t know about Le Cool, you really should.  They are the world’s most beautiful guidebooks, no messing.   Impeccable taste too.  Here’s the Eccentrics’ Guide to London from a while back– extracts from the London book, edited by Mat Osman, the former bass player for Suede.  The London mailing list is pretty handy too.  ***Side note: the whole Le Cool franchise is run out of Barcelona.  They have no advertising on their newsletters, nor in their books- which are high on production, and deliberately low on circulation.  I have no idea how it survives.  I really hope it does.***

• The bloke from Moneysupermarket.com has launched a new UGC site that offers reviewers a share of the revenue they generate.  I’ve written a critique of the site for this week’s Marketing Week, whcih I’ll link to when it’s up.


One response to “Le Cool in Lisbon, and Simonseeks

  1. We are a little frustrated that Ultimate Demon is definitely so robust.
    It makes all the hands-on hard work pointless

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